Monday, June 18, 2012

TY Finale and a performance to remember

Last Saturday's Actiontrack performance marked the end of the Transition Year 2011-2012. A version of Ovid's Metamorphoses was enacted with a sense of mystery, a song and dance flavour and a dramatic flourish. It was so uplifting to see our pupils write, compose, rehearse and then perform for the school. The entire evening was a fitting finale to what has been a busy, productive and happy year for all those who gave so much to make it a success.

A busy pupil tends to be a happy pupil - so it has been for our TY this year. Have a look back through this blog to see just some of the activities our pupils have undertaken...

We look forward to welcoming our new recruits in September, so until then:

Au revoir, adios, auf Wiedersehen, slan libh and goodbye! 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The TY end is nigh...

Fresh from their Achill adventures, on Monday the TY undertook an all-day series of team challenges. In glorious sunshine, under the beady eye of TY Co-ordinator Mr McCarthy, the two teams selected their leaders and then had to display physical and mental dexterity as a unit in order to overcome the obstacles set before them. The day culminated in a display of marching that was a sight to behold. Under orders from their individual team leaders each unit performed with military precision. I don't know about the enemy, but they certainly frightened me!

On Monday evening we had the TY Final Presentation Evening. Several pupils spoke to the audience about their Transition Year and the TY Choir closed the evening with a song.

Subject prizes were presented to the following:

H Johnson
C Alvarez (in absentia)
P Gromotka
Classical Studies
H Peters (in absentia)
J Palomero (in absentia)
W Wood
S Bergareche
E Speckter
Music & History
S Brady
Economics & Biology
U Onwurah
Art & Geography
A Owens
Physics, English & Irish and overall subject prize winner
S Sheeran

The prestigious Columban Award Scheme was shared between Sadhbh Sheeran and Anna Herrero.

On Tuesday morning the pupils began their Actiontrack Showbuild and we look forward to seeing the presentation on Saturday in the BSR at 8:15pm. All parents are most welcome!  You can follow their progress through the week on